36th CIE/USA-SF Annual Conference “Infrastructure for a Smart World”

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36th CIE/USA-SF Annual Conference
“Infrastructure for a Smart World”

Dear CIE Members and Friends,

On behalf of the Chinese Institute of Engineers/USA- San Francisco Bay Area Chapter (CIE/USA-SF), we would like to invite you to attend our 2015 Annual Conference to be held on Saturday, February 7, 2015 at DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel San Jose, 2050 Gateway Place, San Jose, CA 95110.

The conference will be filled with activities and fun. There will be a delightful gala banquet in the evening featuring keynote speech, scholarship award, Technology and Humanity award, entertainment and prize drawing. This year’s keynote speaker is Kevin Lo, General Manager of Google Fiber. This year’s theme is “Infrastructure for a Smart World”. In the afternoon, there will be technical seminars organized in concert with the conference theme.

Afternoon Programs

Dinner Banquet




Clean Tech Seminar 2015-1

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Clean Tech Seminar Tuesday February 10, 2015
Place: ITRI International, 2870 Zanker Road, Suite 140, san Jose, CA
Time: 7-9PM, Registration starts at 6:30PM
Talk Title: “Overview of Internet of Things” by Hwaiyu Geng, P.E.
Talk Abstract: The Internet of Thingsisa network through which machines can communicate with each other and the world around them. The network exists between various devices -- from home appliances to smart phones to cars.
The Internet of Things has the potential to transform our society, economy and how we live our lives.
In this talk the speaker   will cover:
•        What is Internet of Things (IoT) / Cyber-physical Systems (CPS)
•        What are the objectives of IoT
•        What are the IoT building blocks
•        Why (economics, trend, etc.)
•        When (when to do what, etc.)
•        Where (application sectors, home, city, manufacturing, healthcare, etc.)
•        How (strategy, vision, roadmap, examples, processes, etc.)
Speaker Bio: Mr. Hwaiyu Geng, CMfgE, P.E., is a consultant with Amica Association, promoting green planning, design, and implementation projects.  He has had over 30 years of manufacturing and management experience, working with Westinghouse, Applied Materials, HP, and Intel on multi-million high-tech projects.  He has written and presented numerous technical papers at ASME, IIE, Datacenter Dynamics conference, and is also the editor/author of Manufacturing Engineering Handbook (McGraw Hill), Semiconductor Manufacturing Handbook (McGraw Hill), and Data Center Handbook (Wiley). He is also a patent holder.
Talk Title: “Top Technology Trends and Predictions for 2015”  by Dr. William Kao
Talk Abstract: A strategic technology trend is one with the potential for significant impact on the organization in the next few years. Factors that denote significant impact include a high potential for disruption to the business, end users or IT, the need for a major investment, or the risk of being late to adopt.
In this talk Dr. Kao will discuss ‘what are the top technology trends and predictions for 2015’; some of them include: Internet of Things, 3D Printing, Big Data /Analytics, Cloud and Mobile Computing, Software Defined Applications and Infrastructure, Smart Machines, Wearable Electronics, etc.
Speaker Bio: Dr. William Kao received his BSEE, MSEE and PhD from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. He workedin the Semiconductor and Electronic Design Automation industries for more than 30 yearsholding several senior and executive engineering management positions at Texas Instruments, Xerox Corporation, Cadence DesignSystems.
 Dr. Kao has authored more than 40 technical papers at IEEE Journals and Conferences, and holds eight software and IC design patents. He was an Adjunct Professor at UCLA Electrical Engineering Department where he taught courses in computer aided IC design.
Dr. Kao is a Senior Member of IEEE, and was one of the founding members of IEEE-Circuits and Systems - Silicon Valley Chapter, where he was Chapter Chair in 2005 and 2006.
Dr. Kao currently teaches Renewable Energy, Clean Technology and Business Sustainability courses at the University of California Santa Cruz, Silicon Valley Extension.  He is a consultant for several Clean Tech and VC companies in Silicon Valley, and a Clean Technology consultant for the Chinese Government, for the Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology, and for the Malaysian Government on new Emerging Technologies.
From 2009-2014 Dr. Kao has authored and presented more than  40 talks, seminars, and short courses on the subjects of Clean Technology, Renewable Energy, Business Sustainability, and other Emerging Technologies such as Big Data, Cloud Computing, Robotics, Internet of Things  and 3D Printing.

CIE/USA-SF Short Course – Chinese Medicine -2 (for the scientific and engineering minds)

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CIE/USA-SF Short Course – Chinese Medicine -2 (for the scientific and engineering minds)

Date #1 October 23 7:00 - 9:00 pm (registration starts at 6:30pm)
Date #2 November 6 7:00 - 9:00 pm (registration starts at 6:30pm)
Date #3 November 20 7:00 - 9:00 pm (registration starts at 6:30pm)
Date #4 December 4 7:00 - 9:00 pm (registration starts at 6:30pm)
Date #5 December 18 7:00 - 9:00 pm (registration starts at 6:30pm)
Date #6 January 8 7:00 - 9:00 pm (registration starts at 6:30pm)
Date #7 January 22 7:00 - 9:00 pm (registration starts at 6:30pm)
Date #8 February 5 7:00 - 9:00 pm (registration starts at 6:30pm)

Venue: ITRI International, 2870 Zanker Rd., Suite #140, San Jose, CA
Admission:Free for CIE-SF life time member, $10 for general CIE-SF members $20 for non-CIE-SF members

Registration Here


Healthcare is becoming the hottest topic for not only governments and individuals but also investors and high-tech companies. Many billions of dollars have been invested in the sectors from disease research to merging digital health. However, with all the investments, the US healthcare system fails to deliver the results and its costs continue to rise rapidly, given the fact that the current medical system focuses on “sick care” not “health care”.

   One of the changes that can help reduce healthcare costs is through preventative care. Among various methodologies, Chinese Medicine is starting to get more recognition worldwide. Chinese Medicine is experiencing a global renaissance as a result of its integrative approach into one’s daily lifestyle.

   In this introductory series of 8 lectures (10/9, 10/23, 11/6, 11/20, 12/4, 12/18, 1/8, and 1/22), we will discuss the basic concepts of Chinese Medicine with the focus on the Shang Han Lun (傷寒雜病論) and the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine (黃帝). From time to time, we will discuss the ideas of leveraging new technologies such as Big Data and Quantified Self, which will make “mass customization” possible for Chinese Medicine.

   Due to the nature of the topic, we will conduct the lectures in Mandarin Chinese. For those students who attended the similar lecture series earlier, please note that some topics might be repeated while we will spend more time in diagnosis and real patient applications this time.