E4E Program (Engineers for Engineers)


This program provides Engineers an opportunity to practice public speaking and formal presentation.

(1) This program align with our soft skill training program.
(2) The applicant will make a 5 minutes presentation. We prefer it is a power point presentation or a computer operated presentation.
(3) It should include the greeting, the reason of the present and the main body of the present.
(4) Please select the contents which interest most of the engineers. It could be a skill, a tool, features of a tool, a website, etc.
(5) The present will be taken place at the beginning of some of our events.
(6) Applicant needs to apply for the program and CIE-SF will review the application.
(7) CIE-SF may provide coaching.
(8) CIE-SF will video record the present and put on youtube to let more engineers can be benefited from it.
(9) After you sing up the form, CIE-SF will contact you for next step.


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Bay Area 2018 Internships

Bay Area 2018 Internships

CIE-SF collect the Bay Area internship info and put on this page to help students.


Intel, semiconductor company



Facebook, social media company

Engineering, Tech & Design Internships


Business Internships



UBER: A global transportation technology company



Airbnb: online marketplace and hospitality service company



Palantir: Big Data analysis company



SpaceX: Space Exploration Technologies Corp.



Dropbox; File hosting service company



Lyft: Transportation technology company



Cisco: An American multinational technology conglomerate



Tesla: An American automaker, energy storage company,



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