The Global Internet architecture and how to speed up my international internet connection 10/18

The speaker will talk about the global internet architecture. Why sometimes the international internet speed is not as fast as we want. What are the current solutions that we can use to speed it up or help that?


Time:  10/18  6:30PM (registration begin from 6:30)

Venue:    ITRI Conference Room   2870 Zanker Rd., Suite 140 , San Jose, CA 95134, CA

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Joe Yang, President/CEO, CHT Global Inc.


Joe Yang was born in a small village of ChiYi county, Taiwan and grown up there until left for Kaohsiung to be a part-time student for Advanced Vocational School studied in night school after completion of junior high school. Later on he studied in Taipei Technology of Institute and National Taipei University of Technology in two different separated periods of time as a part-time student again for colleague and university. He completed most of education in working and studying.

He entered into Chunghwa Telecom in 1981 and worked for several kinds of telecoms service such as Telex communication, Submarine cable communication, Satellite communication, microwave, optical transmission, and IP network in construction, maintenance, and team leader. From 28 years working with Chunghwa Telecom, he learns technology, business, and management of telecommunication industry. Since 2008 he was rotated to Silicon Valley here to be president of CHT Global. CHT Global, (Chunghwa Telecom Global, Inc.) is a wholly own by Chunghwa Telecom but the finance and operation is independent so this company shall be enough profitable to keep her survival. 


Internet and Intranet will greatly increase in speed and capacity because some technologies have much improved. In wired network, the capacity has much growth up. It is because the technology of laser, fiber, transceiver, and multiplexer has much improved to carry more lambda and more capacity per lambda. Submarine cable, for instance, can have more than 120 lambdas per fiber-pair and 100Gbps or more per lambda.  In the territory, 400Gbps per lambda is coming soon. The most of access to building called last mile are to use fiber instead of twist pair. It can provide dedicated or sharing internet and intranet in 10Gbps.

Wireless has much growth in data capacity as well.  Today LTE 4G is covered almost all worldwide. The 5G of mobile is under testing in many providers. People can enjoy high speed of internet not only inside building but also outside building.  

These technologies and services are to deliver internet and intranet well for users. It lets user pay less but using more in bandwidth. These higher capacity and lower cost communication environments are to encourage much higher bandwidth requested applications come true for service soon. High Definition Video conference, HD VoIP, Virtual Reality, on line games, and Inter of everything expects to fulfill people expectation in entertainment and connectivity.

 I will focus on how internet or global network to cross border, what internet develops globally, what provider uses new technology to provide better connectivity for their users, and the bottleneck of internet affects quality.

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