The TCAAT and NCCAF Volleyball Tournaments

CIE-SFB formed a team to participate in the TCAAT (Taiwanese and Chinese American Athletic Tournament) and NCCAF (Northern California Chinese Athletic Federation) volleyball tournament this year. TCAAT was held on 6/28/09 at San Jose City College. The CIE co-ed team won the championship of the Advanced League. NCCAF was held on 7/19/09 at San Jose State University. The CIE co-ed team finished 2nd of the Gold League. The competition was very strong for both tournaments. The CIE team played extremely well and we were proud of what we achieved. With more practice, we are confident that we would be further improved for the future competition. 
Participating events such as TCAAT and NCCAF, the CIE team learned how to work together and obtained the valuable experience of team building. We also promoted the CIE brand name and gained friendship with other teams during those events. But most of all, we had fun playing together and every team member can be related to CIE more than ever. 
The CIE-SFB Volleyball team include the following members, 
Jan Eggebraaten 
Stephanie Ino 
Jessie Ko 
Shao Ng 
Connie Wen 

Thomas Ching 
Chi-Min Chu 
Andrew Fang 
David Ino 
Mike Huang 
Andy Lin 
Vince Lin 
Jim Liu 
Samuel Wang 
Haoping Wen 


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