Softskill Seminar-2019

Would you like to improve your Negotiations Skill, know how to Reducing your Strees in the workplace? Please come to join our the first SoftSkill seminar of year 2019.


Date and Time

Wed, January 23, 2019

6:30 PM – 9:00 PM PST

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ITRI International Inc.

2870 Zanker Road

# 140  San Jose, CA 95134

Topic I: "The Arts of Negotiation"
Speaker: Dr. Elaine Ping Wang, Vice President at CAISS and TDG Technology North America Inc

Elaine Wang, Ph.D. Prior to start-up of Allied Advanced Materials served as CEO, worked for Samsung, IBM, Hitachi, and Heraeus; now she is VP of TDG Technology North America Inc. and VP of CAISS a nonprofit organization. She has solid experience in R&D, project management, operation, global manufacturing, business development, marketing, and sales. Elaine is going to share some resources and tools they can put to use immediately to handle conflict and overcome disagreements with the title of “The art of negotiation”.

Topic II: Reducing Stress in the Workplace

Overwork and fatigue are the most common causes of stress in the workplace. Though there are many factors that contribute to stress, we can successfully learn to decrease its overall affects.
Managing workplace stress starts with identifying the sources of stress and finding strategies for managing them. The better we are at understanding our own stress, the less other people’s stress will negatively affect us and the more we can be a positive influence in the lives of others.

This session teaches how to:
- Use effective communication skills to ease stress
- Release tension and negativity
- Be aware of the energy of working relationships
- Shift perspectives and become more flexible

Reducing stress and tension is about learning how to recognize our thoughts, emotions, and the way we interact with others. By understanding the energy and patterns of stress, we can take healthy steps to reduce its negative effects and create a sense of balance, good health, and peace of mind in our lives.

Speaker: Mr. Michael Chojnacki, President of Aikiway Professional Development

As a professional speaker, workshop leader, and a Sensei in the art of Aikido. As a martial artist and business professional of thirty-three years, he teaches the principles of Aiki philosophy to create a greater understanding of human dynamics and life balance. Michael’s programs and application coaching are educational and inspirational where people discover how to communicate effectively, reduce workplace stress, and enjoy a balanced life.

Creating dynamic teams
Turning conflict into collaboration
Developing authentic communication
Being calm and positive in stressful situations
Mastering mindful leadership

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