When IoT Meets Big Data & AI - How Big Data Analytics Help IoT Businesses to Win $$$ 9/22

This is a demo workshop.

Our speaker will walk us through the current challenges IoT analytics are facing, some case studies, and how MoBagel uses big data analytics to help several of their customers to gain a revenue increase in a short period of time. There will be a presentation and a live demo.

The talk from a new startup company which won several startup competition and got funding from VCs. Their technologies help them won several big deals from big companies. (1) What kind of technologies interest investors today? (2) What kind of technologies can win deals from big corporates by a new startup? (3) What kind of technologies can help IOT devices and business? If you want an answer of one of them, you should join this event.

Time:  9/22  6:30PM (registration begin from 6:30)

Venue:    ITRI Conference Room   2870 Zanker Rd., Suite 140 , San Jose, CA 95134, CA

Register Here: http://iot_meet_bigdata.eventbrite.com


Iru Wang, COO & Co-founder, MoBagel


Iru operates MoBagel as COO & Co-founder with an emphasis on fundraising, global sales & marketing, operations, and public relations. After graduating from National Taiwan University Electrical Engineering in 2011, Iru received her Masters Degree and Data Science trainings from Stanford Electrical Engineering & Stanford d.school and worked at NVIDIA Corp as Infrastructure Engineer. She has started the startup journey as a serial entrepreneur in Silicon Valley since 2013 when she founded Orrzs and then later MoBagel in 2015.

Iru met MoBagel founding team at Salesforce $1M Hackathon in San Francisco, and won 6th Place. She pitched MoBagel at 500 Startups Demo Day, Slush Asia, and won first prizes at PlugNPlay IoT Expo as well as Computex Innovex. She specializes in computer architecture, machine learning, design thinking, and team building.



As we all know, the era of the Internet of Things is coming. According to IDC’s annual Digital Universe study, there will be 32 billion connected devices thus creating 44 Zettabytes of data. While every industry leader is pursuing creating a business out of IoT, the question still lies in how to utilize this immense data and provide true business value.

In this workshop, our speaker will introduce numerous data analytics method and platform for IoT data. The speaker will also introduce the use cases she has seen in MoBagel when providing AI-powered prediction and analytics engine for IoT devices, with one of them predicted to create a ¥106M revenue increase for a laundromat chain business with connected washing machines. There will be a workshop and live demo of MoBagel AI Data Platform.


<PDF Slides> of the talk.

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