9/10 CASPA/CIE Educational Day

Learn how to teach your children math, leadership, American History and communication.

After you register, you will have a chance to sign up FREE online math competition via Areteem's website. http://areteem.org/ The link will send out one week before the event. And there are 3 different level's competitions. AMC 8, AMC 10, AMC12. AMC 10 is for students in 10th. grade and below.

On the education day, Dr. Kevin Wang, Academic Director and Head Coach at Areteem Institute, will come from L.A. to run 1.5 hour AMC/AIME level problem solving session. Dr. Kevin Wang is a former China Team member for the  International Olympiad. Your children can learn how to solve the math problem and you can also learn how to teach your children the math problem.

Time: 13:00 - 17:00,Sunday, September 10, 2017
Venue: Cadence Auditorium Building 10, 2655 Seely Ave, San Jose, CA
Register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/caspacie-educational-day-tickets-36245382916



1:00 ~ 1:30 registration and networking
1:30 ~ 1:35 CASPA introduction
1:35 ~ 1:40 CIE introduction
1:40 ~ 2:00 Keynote session "Youth Leadership and Volunteer Opportunities in Local Government" by Assembly-member Kansen Chu <Video Link>
2:00 ~ 2:20 session "Connecting with Your Youth" by Rick Maloon, M.ed, principal of Miramonte Christian School <Video Link>
2:20 ~ 2:25 5 minutes break
2:25 ~ 3:55 AMC/AIME level math competition problem coaching session, by Dr. Kevin Wang, Academic Director and Head Coach at Areteem Institute, home of Math Zoom and ZIML Competition
2:25 ~ 3:55 American History coaching session & how to participate in American History competition, by Steven Wang, Founder of Bay Area Community American History Club
3:55 ~ 4:00 Prize given to top competitors in 3 categories

iFree Parking & Free Ice Cream



Kansen Chu, California Assembly Member
Former San Jose City Council
Former Berryessa Union School Board

Rick Maloon, Principal of Miramonte Christian School
Former Principal of Thunderbird Adventist Academy
Former Principal of Shenandoah Valley Adventist Elementary School

Dr. Kevin Wang, Academic Director and Head Coach at Areteem Institute,
AMC test problem writer and reviewer, grader for USA(J)MO and MathCounts National, former coach of MOSP;
Former math faculty at UCI and UCLA;
Former Principal Engineer in Cisco, Oracle, etc.;
First China IMO Team Member;
PhD in Mathematics from The Pennsylvania State University.

Steven Wang, the founder of Bay Area Community American History Club.  Current a high school student at Lynbrook high school.  He scored perfect score on AP history in 9th grade.  He is first place in California American History competition.

Extra introduction of Kevin Wang:
Dr. Kevin Wang is a former China Team member for the  International Olympiad. Dr. Wang was the top scorer in China in  AMC and AIME, and the winner of multiple national & international  contests in math and science in China. He holds a Ph.D. in  Mathematics from the Pennsylvania State University, and worked  as a faculty member in Mathematics at UC Irvine and UCLA. Dr.  Wang also has broad experiences in industry, working at  technology and media corporations such as Oracle and News Corp.  Dr. Wang was invited to teach at the MOSP (Mathematical Olympiad  Summer Program), an all-expense-paid program, and only the top  50 participants of the USAMO are chosen to attend. The 6 members  of the IMO team for USA are selected from MOSP participants. Dr.  Wang is a member of the AMC Advisory Board. Dr. Wang is also an  AMC test problem reviewer and USA(J)MO grader. He has coached  several students who eventually reached the very top of the major  competitions.

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E4E Program (Engineers for Engineers)


This program provides Engineers an opportunity to practice public speaking and formal presentation.

(1) This program align with our soft skill training program.
(2) The applicant will make a 5 minutes presentation. We prefer it is a power point presentation or a computer operated presentation.
(3) It should include the greeting, the reason of the present and the main body of the present.
(4) Please select the contents which interest most of the engineers. It could be a skill, a tool, features of a tool, a website, etc.
(5) The present will be taken place at the beginning of some of our events.
(6) Applicant needs to apply for the program and CIE-SF will review the application.
(7) CIE-SF may provide coaching.
(8) CIE-SF will video record the present and put on youtube to let more engineers can be benefited from it.
(9) After you sing up the form, CIE-SF will contact you for next step.


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Soft Skill Training IV: Unleash Your Career and Personal Success with Non Verbal Advantage 8/19

George Bernard Shaw said:

 “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

 In these times of change and business challenges, we cannot afford to live under this illusion. We also know that communication is key to being a trusted advisor and on coming across as Credible, Capable, and Compatible to your customers, managers, stakeholders, and team members. Effective verbal communication is also dependent upon aspects such as culture and nationality.

 However, the interesting data point is that focus is usually on verbal communication, even though words only comprise 7% of the communication. Remaining 93% of communication comprises of non-verbal communication of which body language comprises - 55% and tone - 38%. Hence, there is a mode of communication, the potential of which is largely untapped.

 This training would focus on science behind non-verbal communication and enable you with very powerful and proven frameworks, tools, and techniques of non-verbal communication, which would greatly improve the effectiveness of your communication and the impact you would make as a trusted advisor to your customers and stakeholders.

 After completing this training, you would be able to:

  1. Understand the neuroscience, which drives the use of non-verbal communication modes and its interpretation.
  2. Use the 5 cardinal rules to accurately decode the body language of their stakeholders and what’s on their mind.
  3. Understand the neuroscience, which drives the use of non-verbal communication modes and its interpretation.
  4. Use the 5 cardinal rules to accurately decode the body language of their stakeholders and what’s on their mind.
  5. Observe postures, gestures, micro-gestures of others and self to accurately interpret the messages in non-verbal communication and flex the communication style.
  6. Apply advanced techniques and tips of meeting seating, eye contact, congruence, mirroring, imprinting, handshakes, building rapport etc.

This session would be followed by a 90 group coaching session over a web conferencing solution where we would review the concepts learned and also address questions from the participants.

Time:  8/19/2017  1:00PM - 5:30PM (Sat.)

Venue: ZGC Innovation Center @ Silicon Valley 4500 Great America Parkway. Santa Clara CA

Registration: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/unleash-your-career-and-personal-success-with-non-verbal-advantage-tickets-35734623220

Speaker: Neschay Kummar

Learning and Development Manager at Cisco

Neschay Kummar is a Learning and Development Manager with Cisco Systems. In his role and his career journey of 17 years, he has create learning solutions and trained more than 10,000 of individuals which range from early in career to executives. He possesses a deep expertise in Instructional Design, Presentation Design, Body Language, and Personal Branding. He hold various certification in the space of learning and development, resume writing, and personal branding. He is also a certified to run various psychometric assessments which help to create rapid career success paths for individuals and team.
Neschay is deeply passionate about enabling the success of individuals. His diverse experience in working across industries, business functions, and regions, experience in working in HR for more than a decade, and a strong connect to Asian culture, he understands the ground realties very well and is able to provide solutions which are outcome-based and which translate into measurable impact.
Neschay is based at San Jose and live there with his 6 year old son and his wife. In his spare time, Neschay loves to read books, play games, and work-out in the gym.



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6/20 Enterprise Software Portfolio for End-to-End Business Solutions


Enterprise Software offers end-to-end solution to run business everywhere. The enterprise solution includes IT infrastructure setup, performance, and security monitoring and risk remediation. It also requires applications to improve efficiency, visibility, and compliance. The comprehensive portfolio can be broken down into following pillars:

Enterprise Security: Software and solutions that protect what matters most – your users, applications, data and the interactions between them, regardless of location or device.

Big Data Analytics Software: Enterprise-class analytics platform that enables organizations to store, analyze and predict 100% of data, regardless of type, source or location.

Hybrid Cloud Management: A cloud management platform that delivers and manages traditional, hybrid cloud, open source and cloud-native applications across a broad range of infrastructure environments.

Operations Management: IT Operations Management (ITOM) software and solutions that deliver exceptional user experience with increased speed and efficiency.

Application Delivery Management: Solutions that deliver user experiences with quality, speed, and confidence to help accelerate the planning, testing, delivery, and support of optimized applications.

Backup and Governance: Backup and governance solutions that provide protect the digital enterprise from risk, and empower data-driven businesses to harness value from 100% of their information.

Time:  6/20/2017  6:30PM - 9:30PM (Tue.)

Venue: ZGC Innovation Center @ Silicon Valley 4500 Great America Parkway. Santa Clara CA

Registration: https://ciesf2017esf.eventbrite.com/

Speaker: Sophia Gu

Director of Engineering in HP Enterprise Software



Sophia Gu is Director of Engineering in HPE Software. She is leading global R&D teams in Americas, EMEA and APJ with over 15 years' experience driving success in Enterprise Software Development.  Ms. Gu has expertise in Enterprise Security, Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, and Automation which is over quarter billion dollar business in HP software.  

Ms. Gu has extensive experience in building global teams. She built Software R&D team in China, Romania as well as India and grew the team from three to eighty engineers in the last five years.

Prior to HP, Sophia Gu served as Development Manager in Mercury Interactive Inc. She was also part of pioneer team in a startup company competing in IT Governance space. The startup company was successfully acquired by Mercury Interactive Inc.

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