IoT 2018 : Latest Trends, Recent Developments and New Challenges

Talk Title: “ IoT 2018 : Latest Trends, Recent Developments and New Challenges”  

Date: May 17, 2018 (Tuesday) 7:00 - 9:00 pm (Registration starts at 6:30pm)

Venue: ITRI Int’l, 2870 Zanker Rd., Suite #140, San Jose, CA


Come and learn about the Internet of Things.
Talk Abstract:
The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the technologies and devices that sense information and communicate it to the Internet or other networks and, in some cases, act on that information. These “smart” devices such as wearable fitness devices and smart phones, are increasingly being used to communicate and process quantities and types of information that have never been captured before and respond automatically to improve industrial processes (Industrial IoT), public services, and the well-being of individual consumers (Consumer IoT). 
In this seminar Dr. Kao will first give an IoT overview, followed by recent developments, trends (how it works with other emerging technologies such as (Blockchain, Big Data, 5G and AI); and potential challenges such as privacy, security, safety, standards and economic issues.
Speaker Bio: 
Dr. William Kao received his BSEE, MSEE and PhD from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. He worked in the Semiconductor and Electronic Design Automation  for more than 30 years holding several senior and executive engineering management positions at Texas Instruments, Xerox Corporation, and Cadence Design Systems.
 Dr. Kao has authored more than 40 technical papers at IEEE Journals and Conferences, and holds eight software and IC design patents. He was an Adjunct Professor at UCLA Electrical Engineering Department where he taught courses in Computer aided IC design.
Dr. Kao is a Senior Member of IEEE, and was one of the founding members of IEEE-Circuits and Systems - Silicon Valley Chapter, where he was Chapter Chair in 2005 and 2006.
Dr. Kao currently teaches Renewable Energy, Clean Technology and Business Sustainability courses at the University of California Santa Cruz, Silicon Valley Extension. 
Dr. Kao current interests are the latest Emerging Technologies including Clean Technology, Renewable Energy, Big Data, IoT, Smart Cities, Sensor Networks, Innovation, Augmented Reality, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and 3D Printing.

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Trending Now - Energy Storage II: Policy, Business Model, and Control

TimeSat, April 28, 12:00pm
Venue: 250 West Tasman Drive, San Jose, CA 95134


This is the second of a series seminar on Energy Storage. In this seminar, speakers will talk energy storage from policy, software control, and business model. CIE Power & Energy Technical group teams up with three other organizations to host this seminar.


In mid-May California broke a record on one day with 67% of its power being generated by renewable sources of electricity on the portion of the grid controlled by the CAISO. While this is a major achievement, sustaining this level of renewable power generation from a variety of sources is a challenge. Energy storage is now emerging as an essential electric utility resource to effectively enable higher penetration levels of variable renewable generation resources.  In California, in response to RPS mandates for increased renewable penetration, Assembly Bill 2514, in conjunction with CPUC rulings, has called for 1.3 GW of flexible energy storage to be incorporated into the energy mix by the three California IOUs during the next few years. 



            Fan Dai, Ph.D., Special Advisor to Governor Edmund G. Brown;

            Vic Shao, Founder and CEO of ENGIE Storage, formerly GreenCharge;

            Mizhi Zhang, Managing Director of North America Region at Sungrow-Samsung SDI Energy Storage Power Supply Co, Ltd (Sungrow-Samsung SDI Joint Venture).

Present Material:

Video of this event:


Date: April 28, 2018, Saturday


          12pm – 1pm: registration, lunch, & networking;

          1pm – 3pm: Talks from speakers;

          3pm – 4pm: Panel discussion;


Venue: 250 West Tasman Dr, San Jose, CA, 95134


Host organization:

North America Chinese Power Professional Association (NACPPA);

US-China Green Energy Council (UCGEC);

Chinese Institute of Engineers (CIE)

Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering (CSEE) – North American Chapter 


Fan Dai, Ph.D., Special Advisor to Governor Edmund G. Brown;

Fan Dai, Ph.D., has been appointed as special advisor to Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr since March 2017. Dr. Dai advises the Governor on China and overseas State of California’s China portfolio, include bilateral relationships, public policy, innovations, trade and investment.

Dr. Dai executed the Governor’s trip to China in June 2017, resulted in successful meetings with President Xi Jinping and other Chinese Senior Leaders, as well as the new era of California-China Clean Energy Partnership consists of a U.S.-China Climate Institute, a network of CA-China Clean-tech Innovation centers, and a consortium of California-China Clean Energy Funds.

Before joining the Governor’s Office, Dr. Dai was the Climate Change Adviser to Secretary of California Environmental Protection Agency, Office of the Secretary, and the Specialist on International Relationship and Business at the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development since 2014. She is a graduate of Berkeley Law, University of California, and holds a doctoral degree on Environmental Policy and Economics from State University of New York.


Vic Shao, Founder and CEO of ENGIE Storage, formerly GreenCharge

Vic Shao is the founder and Chairman of ENGIE Storage formerly Green Charge. Over the course of nine years, Vic grew the company from an idea all the way to successful acquisition in April, 2016 by ENGIE, the largest independent power producer in the world. Prior to Green Charge, Vic held management positions at various enterprise cloud computing companies, including Oracle. Vic holds an MBA from UC Berkeley Haas School of Business and an engineering degree from the University of Virginia. 







About North America Chinese Power Professional Association (NACPPA): The North American Chinese Power Professional Association (NACPPA) is a non-profit organization serving Chinese electric power professionals in the North America. We provide networking and professional training opportunities to power professionals in power utilities, regulators and vendors. We also bridge business entities with potential customers in industrial, academic, consulting and other organizations. NACPPA has four local chapters at Bay Area, South California, Texas and Northeast. More information can be found at NACPPA website,


About the US-China Green Energy Council (UCGEC): UCGEC is a non-profit organization headquartered in the Silicon Valley, California. Its mission is to promote and strengthen U.S. and China collaboration in Green Energy by facilitating high impact clean-tech collaborative initiatives and projects between the U.S. and China and serving as a platform for the integration of policy, business, investment, and R&D projects for the two countries. The UCGEC includes six Task Forces such as Smart Grid, Green Building and Eco-City, Renewable Energy, Green IT, Clean Transportation,and Green Investment. Each task force is co-lead by the top business leaders and senior experts in this field in both US and China. More information about UCGEC can be found at



About Chinese Institute of Engineers (CIE): CIE is the oldest and most prestigious Chinese-American engineers association in the U.S. It was founded in 1917 in New York by a group of Chinese engineers and engineering students then studying and training in the U.S. Currently CIE has 7 chapters in the US; San Francisco Bay Area Chapter is one of them. CIE/USA also sponsors two large scale engineering conferences, held bi-annually since 1966 in Taipei and 1993 in Beijing. Starting in 2002, CIE hosts the Asian-American Engineer of the Year Award as part of the National Engineering Week activity. CIE-SF chapter holds many seminars, symposium, soft skill trainings, and annual conference, each year. More information about CIE-SF and our recent events can be found at our website,

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Soft-Skill VII Building Up Grit and Conflict Resolution Skills

TimeSun, April 29, 1:30pm
Venue: Cadence Auditorium Building 10, 2655 Seely Ave, San Jose

Discussion Topics:

  • Define Grit and why it is critical for success
  • How to develop Grit and apply to the workplace
  • Understand the 5 approaches for conflict resolution
  • Role play to put these skills into practice



Elaine Kung, Board of Directors, VP of HR, Advisor to Young Professionals, CIE-DFW Chapter
AT&T Product Marketing Director (retired)

Elaine Kung came from a very poor family, living on the edge, 30+ years later, living the American dream.  Her family immigrated from Hong Kong to Maryland as refugees in 1980.  Elaine met her husband Dominic at Cornell University where she earned her B.S. in Electrical & Materials Science Engineering.  AT&T sponsored Elaine for M.S. in Electrical Engineering at Princeton.  Elaine started with Bell Laboratories, then advanced through various technical and business leadership roles, retired from her 33 years of rewarding career as the Product Marketing Director for Software Defined Network.

Elaine was recognized by such awards as the WOC (Women of Color) STEM Career Achievement Industry Award, Successful Women in Business, Most On-Fire Manager.  Elaine and Dominic have been happily married since 1986.  AT&T relocated them from NJ to Dallas in 2013, they retired and moved to San Diego in January 2018.  They have two grown children: Grace, Christopher and his wife Charlene, they are all working in CA.

During the 4.5 years in Dallas, Elaine took on active leadership roles in the CIE/USA-DFW chapter as a Board member, VP of HR, speaker, workshop leader and mentor.  In addition, Elaine and Dominic have been serving for non-profit entities in roles such as speaker, advisor, mentor, teacher, deacon, board member and chair, church elder, and for children / youth / family / women / workplace / refugees / Stephen ministries, universities, organizations and STEM in the States and in Asia.  Elaine is frequently invited to speak on leadership, career development, marriage, parenting, and various life skills for all ages. 

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