2/10 Soft-Skill VI: Speak up for Yourself & Become a Master Presenter

Time: Sat., Feb. 10, 13:30pm - 16:00pm
Venue: Northeastern University Silicon Valley Campus,  6024 Silver Creek Valley Rd, San Jose, CA ​

CIE-SF, Lingo Live, and Northeastern University will co-host this Soft-skill training course. 

Learn valuable communication skills from Lingo Live that you can use on the job right away. They’ll be part of our workshops on February 10th at Northeastern University Silicon Valley Campus.


Self-Advocacy: Learn How to Speak up for Yourself

Speaking up for yourself is hard, especially at work. Lingo Live’s Self-Advocacy seminar will empower you with the confidence and skills to effectively articulate your needs and ideas. Join our workshops on February 10th at Northeastern University Silicon Valley Campus.

Speaker: Kristin Vincenzo, Communication Coach, Lingo Live


Become a Master Presenter
Speech is power. With it, you can motivate your team to act. In Lingo Live’s seminar, we will examine ways to deliver engaging and inspiring presentations. Join our workshops on February 10th at Northeastern University Silicon Valley Campus.

Speaker: Tracey Gordon, Communication Coach, Lingo Live



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E4E Program (Engineers for Engineers)


This program provides Engineers an opportunity to practice public speaking and formal presentation.

(1) This program align with our soft skill training program.
(2) The applicant will make a 5 minutes presentation. We prefer it is a power point presentation or a computer operated presentation.
(3) It should include the greeting, the reason of the present and the main body of the present.
(4) Please select the contents which interest most of the engineers. It could be a skill, a tool, features of a tool, a website, etc.
(5) The present will be taken place at the beginning of some of our events.
(6) Applicant needs to apply for the program and CIE-SF will review the application.
(7) CIE-SF may provide coaching.
(8) CIE-SF will video record the present and put on youtube to let more engineers can be benefited from it.
(9) After you sing up the form, CIE-SF will contact you for next step.


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12/16 工程師與中醫講座:從中醫的觀點看三高的預防與治療

Time: Saturday, Dec 16, 1:30pm - 4:00pm
Venue: Cadence Auditorium Building 10, 2655 Seely Ave, San Jose, CA


<Present PDF file available here>

Speaker: Andy Lee, PhD of Stanford University, MBA of Berkeley, CEO at youngQi, Inc. 

李宗恩博士,陽氣中醫院院長、陽氣健康管理科技公司執行長。李博士原為高科技創業家、高層管理人、及投資人,擁有史丹佛大學電機工程博士、加州大學柏克萊分校企業管理碩士(MBA)、台灣大學物理學學士 ,曾擔任Maitreya私募基金執行合夥人、Berksford投資與策略顧問公司負責人、EiC Corporation首席財務長、TeleVersal Systems創辦人及首席科技長,之前於AMD、Vanguard、Cisco擔任工程師及管理階層。後來因父親罹患肝癌轉變人生,積極投入醫學領域,擁有美國國際醫藥大學中醫碩士及加州針灸中醫師執照,並成為中醫經方大師倪海廈學術傳人,以臨床療效卓越著名,受邀到許多醫學機構與會議演講及臨床教學。



LDL是什麼?LDL不是膽固醇,是低密度脂蛋白,負責把肝臟製造的膽固醇帶到身體各處,沒有了LDL, 就無法運送膽固醇到各個細胞,細胞即會死亡。那麼,人們為什麼把LDL叫做「壞的膽固醇」,非常擔心驗血報告中的LDL數值?而為什麼最新醫學研究顯示,LDL偏高的年長者,平均壽命卻高於LDL偏低的年長者?


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12/5 Tall Tales and Reality of Brain Tech, and What Can an Engineer Do Today to Exploit this Burgeoning Field?

Time: Tuesday, Dec 5, 6:30pm - 9:00pm
Venue: ITRI International - 2870 Zanker Rd., Suite #140, San Jose, CA 95134
Registration: https://ciesf2017bio.eventbrite.com


Caption: Mark Zuckerberg wants to read your mind, while Elon Musk wants to merge his brain with AI.  These bold initiatives brought attention to the brain tech industry like never before.  In this talk, I will give you an overview of the state of the art in brain technology.  Why are Mark and Elon's ambition moon-shots?  While waiting for these revolutions to happen, what can you do already with the existing brain technologies?  I will show you examples of some interesting brain-machine interface applications using today's technology, and demonstrate to you the NeuroSky tools you can use to develop your own brain-machine applications.

Speaker: Jake Chuang

Chief Product Officer of NeuroSky, Inc.

As Chief Product Officer of NeuroSky, Inc., Jake Chuang runs the science and engineering research and development functions at the biosensor company, and the global leader in mass market Brain-Computer Interface technology. NeuroSky has developed a revolutionary non-invasive neural communication sensor that converts brainwaves and other bio-signals into digital electronic signals. This technology can control electronic devices, enable machines to adapt to people, and further enhance education and research on creative applications powered by the brain. NeuroSky has forged successful partnerships with a broad range of companies from Fortune 500 industry leaders to innovative independent developers. Furthermore, NeuroSky leverages collaboration with a number of top domestic and international academic institutions to move technology out of the lab and into the marketplace.
After receiving his MSEE and BSEE from the University of Texas at Austin, Jake set out to create innovative products that can change people's life.  He held progressively senior engineering and marketing positions in several IC companies and is proud to have worked on 7 different products that are named Product of the Year from prestigious organizations.  Jake's current interest is to create products that can aid students to learn and excel in their life.

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