Improving Durability of Consumer Electronic Devices : focus on Waterproofing

Time: 8/8/2019 6:30pm-9:00pm (Thu.)
Venue: ITRI International  2870 Zanker Rd. Suite 140, San Jose, CA, 95134

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Consumer electronics are particularly prone to water damage due to their broad environmental exposure. A typical consumer device can only last for a few seconds under water.

Mr. Tom Fisher will unravel techniques that are used by most advanced device manufacturers to improve the durability of consumer devices. You will gain an overview of the waterproofing techniques with emphasis on nanometer range membranes. The presentation will also go over practical applications of waterproofing at IPX8 levels and beyond.

Speaker: Tom Fisher

Tom Fisher is a Technical Account Director at Favored Tech ( He oversees engagements with Fortune 500 customers, aligning engineering design and solution integration. His background spans across engineering, life sciences, organic analytical chemistry, and electronics device manufacturing. He has been managing R&D engineering development and regulatory compliance across global teams, delivering end-to-end hardware and software solutions. Tom is a certified PMP and has published scientific research papers in peer review journals.

This event is hosted by CIE-SF ( It’s free but space is limited, so please register in advance, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Introduction of LiDAR Systems and Practical Applications


Dr Chou will first give an introduction of LiDAR system and how it has originally developed to perform remote optical sensing thus a guidance could be made for a response. Further applications of LiDAR system have been derived and used in air and ground applications. The self driving vehicle has been benefited from LiDAR and it provides a fundamental technology for automats driving.

An introduction of conventional mechanical and solid state LiDAR systems will be presented and discussed.

See here for recorded video.


•LiDAR Systems

−Brief discussion of physical principles and device major components

−Utilization for airborne and ground sensing

•Typical Applications

−Measurements of air temperature, pressure, wind speed, and chemical species

−Ground mapping

• Self Driving Car Applications

−Topographic 3D imaging and motion detection

−Compare to camera, US, and radar sensors

•Mechanical and Solid State LiDAR

Dr HP Chou received his MS and PhD degrees from University of Southampton, U.K. He worked at Chen-Kung University (Taiwan), then UTSI, Tennessee, AVCO Research Lab., Everett, MA., and Textron Systems Corp., Wilmington, MA., and has more than 30 years of R&D experience in wide range of lasers and electro-optics: laser and lasers system research, design and development; modeling and experimenting laser and nonlinear optical systems; development of cooling techniques for high power intra-cavity AO modulator; design and development of ultra-efficient and compact diamond cooled SS laser under DARPA sponsored program; design and development of laser radar (Lidar)) systems under NASA's LAWS program (satellite Lidar device) and FLD ground base laser radar system contracted by Air Force. He has published more than 30 papers and owned three patents.

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Make Your Best Career Decision at Time of Change

Time: 7/12/2019 18:30pm-21:00pm (Fri.)
Venue: ZGC Innovation Center- 4500 Great America Pkwy., Santa Clara, CA, 95054

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The Speaker will share his personal experience how he made his career choice when he faced various challenges in his career path. Specifically, he will share how to overcome the Asian stereotype in tech companies, take career risks, develop soft skills to manage up and manage across, and build and promote your personal brand.

James Xiao, Corporate Vice President and General Manager of the Display Thin Film Group at Applied Materials, Inc. 

This event is hosted by CIE-SF ( co-organized by ZGC Innovation Center. It’s free but space is limited, so please register in advance, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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What's 5G? How a New Wireless Technology Will Change the World

Time: 6/20/2019 18:30pm-21:00pm (Thu.)
Venue: ITRI International - 2870 Zanker Road #140, San Jose, CA, 95134

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Think about a world in which not just people but all things are connected: cars to the roads they are on; doctors to the personal medical devices of their patients; augmented reality available to help people shop and learn and explore wherever they are. This requires a massive increase in the level of connectivity.

5G is the technological answer, making possible billions of new connections, and making those connections secure and instantaneous. 5G will impact every industry – autos, healthcare, manufacturing and distribution, emergency services, just to name a few. And 5G is purposely designed so that these industries can take advantage of cellular connectivity in ways that wouldn’t have been possible before, and to scale upwards as use of 5G expands.

Gary will share his own observation on how 5G, AI and IoT can change the world and 5G key technology.

Gary Ni, Vice President at North America Taiwanese Engineering and Science Association (NATEA)

This event is co-hosted by CIE-SF and TAITA (Taiwan American Industry Technology Association It’s a free event. Please register in advance.

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